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Frequently Asked Questions

The Baldwin-Wallace College Board of Trustees voted to change the name of the institution to Baldwin Wallace University, effective July 1, 2012. The change from "college" to "university" more accurately reflects B-W's current structure and the breadth of the institution's academic program offerings. Click here for more information on the process and reasoning behind the decision.

The following is a list of questions most frequently encountered by institutions undergoing a name change. If you have other questions, please contact the Office of College Relations at (440) 826-2325 or

Q: When will the institution officially implement the change to Baldwin Wallace University?

Trustees voted at their winter meeting to adopt the name change, effective on July 1, 2012 with complete implementation by the end of 2012.

Q: Will the personality and core values of B-W change with the University designation?

No. B-W's core values and dedication to the liberal arts as the foundation for a lifetime of learning will NOT change. In addition, the B-W focus on student learning and personal growth, individual faculty mentoring, small class sizes and exceptional achievement will be unwavering.

Q: What institutional name will appear on my diploma?

Students who participate in the May 2012 commencement and complete all degree requirements prior to December 31, 2012 will receive a diploma from Baldwin-Wallace College. Beginning with the May 2013 commencement, students will be issued diplomas from Baldwin Wallace University.

Q: Can I get a new diploma with the new name?

No. The name on your diploma will reflect the name of the institution at the time of your graduation.

Q: How should I reference the institution on my resume?

It is appropriate to continue using Baldwin-Wallace College on resumes for those who graduated prior to implementation day of July 1, 2012. You may also consider one of the following:

  • Baldwin-Wallace College (now Baldwin Wallace University)
  • Baldwin Wallace University (formerly Baldwin-Wallace College)

B-W's accreditation remains the same.

Q: Will the designation change or alter my student loans in any way?

No. Student loans are unaffected.

Q: How should I refer to the institution?

In casual references, the institution commonly has been referred to as, simply, "Baldwin-Wallace" or B-W. We expect this casual "shorthand" to continue, minus the hyphen. However, all official documents will carry the Baldwin Wallace University name.

Q: Will the institutional logo change?

The logo will be modified to reflect the name change and the updated design will be made available once it is approved.

Q: Will the new name affect the institution's colors, mascot or athletic logo?

B-W athletes will continue to compete as Yellow Jackets and the school's colors and athletics logo will remain the same.

Q: Will B-W's website URL or email change?

No. will remain the domain name for the new Baldwin Wallace University.

Q: Will B-W's social media sites change?

The social media accounts and pages under the control of the institution will be altered to reflect the name change, and some accounts may need to be re-established. If a name change requires moving to a new account, all of our friends with social connections to a B-W account will be invited to access the new account.

Q: What will happen to the institutional seal?

The seal will be updated to reflect the change from "college" to "university," but its overall design will remain the same. For historic purposes, any seal embedded in stone, such as the one in the Higgins Center entry, will be preserved.

Q: Will the Alma Mater be changed?

Both B-W Alma Maters will be updated, retaining the essential, historical nature of the songs.

Q: What other changes will be made around campus?

Signs, letterhead, business cards, website, clothing, etc. will reflect the new name.

Q: Why is the hyphen being removed from the new name?

The punctuation change is in response to the demands and limitations of technology and third party search engine optimization.

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