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Service Desk Hours* 

Monday-Friday: 8:30am-10pm

Saturday-Sunday: 11am-10pm


* hours are for the regular academic semesters and are are subject to change due to University breaks, holidays, inclement weather, etc.


Reasons to Visit the Service Desk 

  • The candy counter selection can meet your needs from B to W (Blow Pops to  Whatchamacallits).
  •  The fresh popcorn is the best and cheapest in the area.
  •  If you have something big to say, you can order a Big Idea Poster here.
  •  To reserve banner and showcase space for your student organization
  •  When you cannot seem to find the answer to a campus question, try the Service  Desk. The staff always does their best to find the answer.
  •  Notary Public Service
  •  Buy Regal movie tickets with your BW Jacket Express Card

Union Service Desk

The Service Desk sells candy, magazines and newspapers as well as provides a check-cashing service. There is a $25 limit on checks and a $.25 service charge. Students must also have a valid BW ID card. Two-party checks cannot be cashed.

Services available through the Service Desk include: reserving showcase or banner space, postage stamps, an all-campus lost and found, campus telephone numbers, jumper cables, sand volleyballs, a notary and weekday newspapers from the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

Do you need to advertise an all-campus event? Then the Big Idea Poster Printer is available for your convenience. You can order and pick-up the posters at the Service Desk. The poster printer will make, to your design, posters with at least two day's notice. A variety of colors of poster paper and inks are available.

Call the Service Desk Manager, (ext. 2359) or visit the Service Desk for more information about any other services.

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