Quick Facts

ACES Quick Facts & Additional Services and Responsibilities

  • ACES brings artists from literally around the world and students can volunteer to host them.
  • ACES coordinates our celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Week and assists with other multicultural events.
  • ACES is one of the main sponsors of the Enduring Questions Lecture Series.
  • ACES has sponsored such notable speakers as Dr. James H. Cone, Cornel West, Mayor Cory Booker, Dick Vitale, Dick Gregory, Yolanda King, Morris Dees, Rev. Joseph Lowrey, Rev. Bernice King, Rev. James Lawson, Kevin Powell, Richard Rodriguez, Ben Stein, Anna Deavere Smith, and more.
  • ACES can assist faculty, staff and students/ student organizations in developing and implementing a program anytime.
  • ACES can assist and provide diversity awareness and training/presentations that can range from one hour to three days.
  • ACES is a great programming resource that will provide consultation and assistance while having on file a wide variety of possible speakers and guest artists.
  • ACES provides opportunities to all to be directly involved in the planning and implementation of Departmental goals and services.
  • ACES provides opportunities to work first hand with a diverse group of people and a diverse array of programming while helping build a growing resume.


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