World Music Series


left.gifThe World Music Series is a collaborative effort between ACES, distinguished faculty/staff, and external groups/agencies established to educate, enlighten, and expose the campus and surrounding communities to globally diverse music. This series features artists from around the world that will broaden our experiences in cultural music with unique and different instruments.  Our ultimate goal is to bring the "world" to those who may not have the opportunity to travel abroad and witness these wonderul art forms firsthand. Additionally, these performances often bring colorful cultural costumes, authentic indigenous instruments, and exceptional, professional musicianship, which all combine for a totally unique experience with an international flare.

Keep an eye out for the next World Music Series Event coming to you from a location around the world.  For information on upcoming performances, click the "World Music Series Programs" link below!



World Music Series Programs




Click here for a listing of all BW Concerts and Events.



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