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Single Parents Reaching Out for Unlimited Tomorrows (SPROUT)

What is SPROUT?

The SPROUT program is a comprehensive residential program for single parents (ages 18-23 with one child) and their children. Founded in 1990, and operating continuously since its inception, SPROUT is the oldest program of its kind in the nation. SPROUT was created when it was identified that many single parents drop out ofor fail to begin--college when it becomes too difficult to maintain the financial and personal costs of balancing parenting, working, taking classes, and securing appropriate housing and daycare. However, without a college degree most single parents (primarily women) are unable to break the cycle of subsistence living and poverty. Given the opportunity of campus housing, accessible daycare, and a supportive environment, this cycle can be broken.

What are the components of the SPROUT Program?

Each mother and child is provided with a furnished one bedroom apartment on campus. The twelve SPROUT apartments occupy one wing of a BW owned apartment building. Laundry facilities are located in the wing. All apartments have cable, BW high speed internet connection, and a land line for local calls. SPROUT students live on campus year round.

Child Care
Securing daycare for their children is the responsibility of each parent. The SPROUT Director assists each woman with securing vouchers from County to pay for most of the childcare costs. There are several area daycare centers in the Berea area that serve children from infant to pre-K.

Personal Development
A component of the SPROUT program is the personal and professional development of each woman in regard to her academic and career aspirations, parenting skills, financial literacy, and personal interests. Personal/Professional development occurs through a series of methods including speakers, focus groups, classes, counseling, mentoring, experiential projects, and internship opportunities.

Students are selected to participate in the SPROUT program based on their desire, need, past academic achievement, and academic promise. A primary consideration is a student's willingness to live in a residential program that is designed to keep them on a track that will help them achieve success both academically and personally. Each student must complete full time course work each term while meeting the SPROUT grade point average of 2.5 or above. Baldwin Wallace offers a number of support services such as tutoring, a learning center, a writing laboratory, and a computer center to help assure students of their academic success. SPROUT accepts applicants from Ohio only.

Financial Aid
A major concern for many single student parents is how to pay for college, housing, childcare, and living expenses. The Financial Aid Office, along with the director of the SPROUT program, assists each student in locating and obtaining funding for these expenses through federal and state financial aid, County services, scholarships, grants, and student loans. SPROUT students have work/study jobs on campus during the academic year to develop additional skills and earn money for living expenses. During the summer, all SPROUT students work full time and/or gain professional experience through internships off campus.

For further information contact Julie Candela, SPROUT Director, 440-826-2130

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