Residence Life


What's in My Room?

Although almost every room on campus is unique in its own way, all have the following services available:

Cable television is provided in each room for cable-ready televisions. Please bring your own coaxial cable.  Televisions not cable ready will require a cable box available at most electronics retailers.


Each room has a data port allowing students access to the University's network and the Internet.  Each student in a given room has his/her own port allowing for multiple computers in each room.  As well, each residence hall and academic building is equipped for wireless Internet for laptops and other mobile devices. For more information please visit the  Information Technology website.


Beginning Fall 2014, Laundry is included as part of the cost of living on campus. Each residence hall, apartment complex and campus house is equipped with washers and dryers based on the number of residents living in that area.  Ironing boards are provided in most halls but residents must furnish their own iron.


Telephone service is provided upon request to Telecommunications.  You must go in person to their office, located in 10 Beech.  Students should bring their own phone set.  For more information please visit the Information Technology website.

Coin-operated and Jacket Express card swipe vending machines are located in every hall except the R. Amelia Harding House for Sustainable Living. The number of machines and selection of food products depends upon the size of the residence and the needs of its occupants.  Amelia Harding does not contain vending machines in recognition of the environmental impact vending machines have due to the individual packaging of items and the energy used by the machine to operate. 

U.S. Mail

U.S. and campus mail is delivered every weekday to the residence halls.  Students will be issued a mailbox with a key or combination access.  Outgoing mail pick up also is available.

Room Furniture

In each BW room (Residence Hall or Apartment) a bed, desk and desk chair is provided for each person. Depending on the building, the room will come with a stationary closet or a movable wardrobe. In addition, the room (or apartment) will come with drawer space for clothing. BW apartments come with fridge, stove and dining room table and chairs.

Bed Mattress
All the beds in the residence halls and apartments are twin beds.  All mattresses on campus are 80 inches long. We recommend that residents purchase extra-long sheets regardless of mattress size, as they will work with standard beds and you will be able to use them in any room on campus.

Window Treatments
All windows come with horizontal blinds.  Sizes vary, so if you want to purchase additional treatments you must wait until you move in and measure the exact size.  There are many retailers within minutes of campus. 

Trash Can and Recycling Bin

Each BW room or apartment comes with a standard trash can and a recycle bin. The recommended size for trash can liners are called "Tall Kitchen."


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