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Hall Director Description

Listed below is information about the role of a Hall Director at Baldwin Wallace University. Hall Directors become acquainted with all residents to establish good relationships.  They assess personal, academic and social problems of residents, and become aware of the cultures and sub-cultures of the campus. Hall Directors are aware of available resources and make appropriate referrals as well as recognize situations in which intervention or mediation is both appropriate and necessary.

Most Hall Directors at Baldwin Wallace work as Graduate Interns for one of several unique offices in Student Affairs. Our internships provide extended opportunities to interact with the community, develop leadership skills, and participate in the daily workings of specialty groups on campus.

The Baldwin Wallace University Graduate Assistantship Program is committed to its mission of diversity and strongly encourages women and historically under-represented candidates (African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native American and Asian-American/Pacific Islander) to apply.


  • Experience and interest in working with college students in a supportive and supervisory capacity.
  • Minimum of a Bachelor's Degree.
  • Enrollment in graduate school programs of College Student Personnel or related fields.
  • Previous residence life experience preferred. 

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Be available to residents a minimum of 20 hours per week which includes posting office hours in the residence hall.
  • Serve as a positive role model for students; attract and respect confidences.
  • Supervise Resident Assistants.
  • Set hall goals with the Resident Assistant staff.
  • Counsel and supervise the Resident Assistant staff toward goals of staff cohesiveness, positive attitudes and good communication.
  • Meet weekly with the Resident Assistant staff.
  • Provide, participate and facilitate ongoing training.
  • Provide written evaluation of each Resident Assistant's performance at the end of each semester.
  • Assist in the selection of Resident Assistants.
  • Select and supervise hall work-study students.
  • Meet individually with supervisor on an on-going basis.
  • Attend on-going staff development and training.
  • Attend weekly Hall Director staff meetings.
  • Member of a residence life committee as assigned.

Administrative Responsibilities

  • Serve as Hall Director on duty as assigned by area.
  • Report and track necessary repairs and maintenance.
  • Maintain and submit the following forms: weekly report form, occupancy report, room change request forms, room sign-up work sheets, room inventory forms, maintenance forms, judicial forms, programming evaluations and various other forms.
  • Manage the room inventory procedure correctly so that an accurate assessment of room conditions is available for both the residents and the Office of Residence Life. Complete room inventory forms at the end of the year no later than one week after graduation. For mid-year room changes, complete check-outs no later than 48 hours after the change occurs.
  • Maintain keys for the hall including disbursement and collection.
  • Facilitate all room changes during the academic year and assist with room sign-ups.
  • Be responsible for implementing room inspections and fire drills.
  • Maintain hall budgets.
  • Utilize campus information technology.
  • Hall Directors are also responsible for other duties as assigned. 

Advise Hall Council. Encourage and supervise educational, social and developmental programming within the hall to meet residents' needs and interests. Encourage and invite student-faculty-staff participation in residence hall activities. Inform residents of events and activities occurring on campus through the use of announcements, bulletin boards, flyers, and personal communication. 

Mediation/Policy Enforcement Responsibilities

  • Uphold and interpret the rights and responsibilities of all students through consistent and fair policy enforcement.
  • May serve as a hearing officer.
  • Assist with the maintenance of hall conduct records.
  • Attend judicial proceedings are necessary.
  • Work with residents and staff in using the campus judicial system. Initiate and maintain individual
  • Assist in establishing and developing community standards.
  • Encourage and develop an environment within the residence hall which enables residents and staff to accept responsibility for self-governance and behavior consistent with the objectives of Baldwin Wallace University.


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