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What impact do you hope this experience will have on you? *
What is one thing you like about working in a group and one thing you find frustrating? *
APPLICANTS WITH ALTERNATIVE BREAK EXPERIENCE ONLY - What would you do differently if selected for this trip? In other words, what would you change about your participation before or during the trip?
Please attach a photo of yourself (will be used to create trip rosters): *
Being an Alternative Break participant requires time, energy and commitment. By submitting this application, you are agreeing to invest that time, energy and commitment if selected to be a participant. You will commit to attend all ASB events, including a mandatory Spring retreat and group meetings. Further, you understand that if you miss group meetings, you may be replaced.
All students participating in ASB must pay a $100 deposit by Tuesday, December 2nd. The balance is due on Monday, February 9th. Cancellation fees apply.
Release to check records: by checking yes, you are providing your electronic consent for release to check conduct and academic records. Serious violations or multiple violations of university policy may jeopardize your eligibility for participation. Students are also expected to be in good academic standing to participate in AB trips. The judgment of the OCO Staff on this matter will be final. This information will remain confidential and will be used for official purposes only.
I hereby give my consent for the OCO Director to check my records as indicated in the above statement: *
ASB interviews will take place the week of November 17 . Please check all times that you ARE available. Please be as flexible as possible. We are not able to interview everyone during Community Hour. Interviews are approximately 15 minutes.
Interview Availability - Please check times you ARE available:  11/17 - 4:00pm    11/17 - 4:15pm    11/17 - 4:30pm    11/17 - 4:45pm    11/17 - 5:00pm    11/17 - 5:15pm    11/17 - 5:30pm    11/17 - 5:45pm    11/17 - 6:00pm    11/17 - 6:15pm    11/17 - 6:30pm    11/17 - 6:45pm    11/17 - 7:00pm    11/17 - 7:15pm    11/17 - 7:30pm    11/17 - 7:45pm    11/17 - 8:00pm    11/17 - 8:15pm    11/17 - 8:30pm    11/17 - 8:45pm    11/17 - 9:00pm    11/18 - 12:00pm    11/18 - 12:15pm    11/18 - 12:30pm    11/18 - 12:45pm    11/19 - 9:15pm    11/19 - 9:30pm    11/19 - 9:45pm    11/19 - 10:00pm    11/19 - 10:15pm    11/19 - 10:30pm    11/20 - 12:00pm    11/20 - 12:15pm    11/20 - 12:30pm    11/20 - 12:45pm  
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