Student Activities


Black Student Alliance

History and Mission

BSA was founded in the early 1960's and was recognized in the 1970's to provide a support system for African-American students on the campus of Baldwin Wallace University during a particularly racially tense time in history. BSA was structured to provide cultural and academic support, while educating the campus and community about African-American history and culture.

Primary Goals

  • To promote cultural education, provide academic and social services and activities that relate to meeting the intellectual and spiritual guidelines of an ever-changing global society
  • To emphasize community awareness
  • To help establish unity and communication within the African-American community, as well as the Baldwin Wallace University community and surrounding areas
  • To provide a liaison between the college administration, faculty and staff concerning specific needs of African-American students
  • To support incoming students as they integrate into the campus environment

BSA is dedicated to promoting cultural awareness throughout the Baldwin Wallace community and the surrounding areas. Through a series of activities and events BSA strives to create a fostering environment that encourages social, academic, and professional growth with our minority students. Despite its name, membership is open to all students interested in African-American culture.

Contact Information:

Advisor: Ken Atchinson
(440) 826-3457


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