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BW Humanitarian Award for Social Justice

Instituted by Professor David Prok of BW's Department of Sociology, this award is presented each year at the College's Honors Day Ceremony. The award is given to members of the faculty, staff or student body who make Baldwin Wallace University more hospitable, safe and accepting of minority members within the BW community. By their own life example, they push back the frontiers of prejudice, bigotry and ignorance relative to diversity. By their activities and engagement, they educate, instruct and inform the larger community of the need for acceptance, celebration and respect for persons of minority status in our society.

Individuals do not apply for the Humanitarian Award.  Recipients are selected by a committee whose decisions are based on observed and documented contributions to the cause of social justice as outlined above.



Previous Award Recipients

2014:  Emily Householder
2013:  Rachel Scagnetti & Patrick Pilger
2012:  Michael Dwyer, Ph.D. - Department. of Psychology
2011:  Derek Wytzka
2010:  Justin Wilson
2009:  Lauren Brandstetter & Kadryn Goodwin
2008:  Christine Spencer
2007:  Amanda Foulk; Kyle Znamenak;
           Tom Konkoly, Dir. Development/Gift Planning; Gerrie Paino, Coordinator, GLBT Services
2006:  Candice Markle 
2005:  Alana Jochum & Ryan Kofron
2004:  John Wolf & Joe Abraham
2003:  Josh Beeson; Denise Reading, Ph.D. - V.P. of Student Affairs
2002:  Jeremy Elliott






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