Student Activities


Diversity/Cultural Organizations


President: Elise Bigley (   
Advisor: Gerrie Paino (
Allies, whose focus is outreach and education, is the on-campus organization for straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students to come together in an accepting, open environment and discuss issues that are of importance to the gay and straight communities.  Visit their website at for more information.

Black Student Alliance (BSA)

President: Jeanita Blue (
Advisor: Kenneth Atchinson (
The Black Student Alliance, which is open to all BW students, is geared toward enhancing knowledge of the African-American culture through educational programs while striving for unity on the BW campus. 

Chinese Club

President: Helen Candea (   
Advisor: Daphne Chang (
The Chinese Club brings together Baldwin Wallace University students who have an interest in Chinese customs and traditions through Chinese cultural activities.  

French Club

President: Francesca Mamlin (
Advisor: Dr. Nadia Sahely (
The French Club offers a forum for students, and others, interested in French social, cultural and language activities of many sorts: cinema, video, music, cuisine, discussions, etc.  

German Club

President: Olivia Held (
Advisor: Dr. Stephen Hollender (
The German Club's purpose is to provide an opportunity for students to explore and learn about the German language and culture outside the classroom. 

Hispanic American Student Association (HASA)

President: Tatijana Rodriguez (
Advisor: Carlos Delgado (
The purpose of HASA, which is open to all BW students, is to promote awareness and appreciation of the Hispanic culture through educational and social opportunities. 

International Film Series

President: Lisa Brice (
Advisors: Dr. Nadia Sahely (
The International Film Series hosts a yearly international film festival on campus.  The organization works with the Foreign Languages and Literature Department and the various cultural organizations on campus to show films representing a variety of cultures.

Italian Club

President: Denise DeGirolamo (
Advisor: Claudia Capuano (
The mission of the Italian Club is to promote the culture and language of Italian and Italian-American students; to invite students of different backgrounds to celebrate the culture; and to bring students and faculty together through a common interest.

Men In Action

President: Christian Gaines (  
Advisors: Ranan Dent (
The mission of Men In Action is to educate young black men about the importance of social, financial, ethical, and political values.  The organization encourages members to step out of their comfort zone, volunteer in the community, and create a positive environment for future generations.

Middle Eastern Culture Club (MECC)

President: Aziz Ahmad (  
Advisor: Dr. Nadia Sahely (
MECC is an organization that brings together members of the Baldwin Wallace community who have a background or an interest in Middle Eastern cultures.  They sponsor social, cultural, and educational activities on campus to promote awareness of the peoples and cultures of the Middle East.

People of Color United (POCU)

President: Jornelle Tucker (
Advisor: Melanie Coleman (
POCU is an umbrella entity for other student organizations that have more specific ethnic and cultural programming as its main focus, including Black Cultural Center, Black Student Alliance, JacketLink, Hispanic American Student Association, Multicultural Affairs, and the Voices of Praise Gospel Choir. 

Promoting Our Womens' Resources and Experiences (POWRE)

President: Maggie Schalk (  
Advisors: Molly Swiger (
The purpose of POWRE is to bring together Baldwin Wallace students who have an interest in issues pertaining to women and create positive experiences through advocating for social change.  POWRE's goal is to bring awareness to Baldwin Wallace and the surrounding communities about issues that affect women (including, but not limited to, eating disorders, breast cancer, body image issues, sexual assault and domestic violence).

Spanish Club

President: Jennifer Jouriles (  
Advisor: Dr. Maria Marin (
Spanish Club seeks to portray the cultures of Spanish-Speaking countries to the Baldwin Wallace community and to promote the use of the Spanish language.

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