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All CARE Organizations support the 0-1-3 policy for responsible drinking:  0=ZERO drinks if under 21, driving,  pregnant, chemically dependent, or on medication; 1=ONE drink an hour if male and over 21 (12 oz. beer, 4 oz. glass of wine, one shot of liquor); for women ONE drink every 1.5 hours if over 21 due to differences in alcohol absorption rates; 3= No more than THREE drinks per day, and/or no more than THREE times a week that you drink. 

BW Informed Student Educators (BWise)  Our goal is to educate the Baldwin Wallace University community on responsible choices related to sex, drugs, alcohol, and other wellness issues. BWise is a member of the BACCHUS and GAMMA Peer Education Network and provides training to BW students interested in becoming certified in peer education. Certification as a Peer Educator develops leadership and team building skills along with empowering students to take an active role in creating and implementing campus programming.  BWise provides educational and social events throughout the year.  See Events .

hpgbcolorwebusable.jpgHealth Promotions Grant Board (HPGB) A Student-Faculty Administration committee on wellness established the Health Promotion Fund in 1994. The fines levied against students who violate the College alcohol policy finance the fund.  HPGB funds or partially funds programming that promotes wellness and reflects Baldwin Wallace University policies.  HPGB promotes alternative events and activities that discourages the use of alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs and addresses issues related to sexual and mental health, fitness, nutrition, and safety.


Organizations that support the CARE Mission:


Greeks Advocating Mature Management of Alcohol (GAMMA) seeks to assist the Greek community of Baldwin Wallace University in developing a high level of risk management and healthy lifestyles. Further, GAMMA tries to educate the Greek community about the effects of alcohol and other substance abuses through informative programming, risk management standards, and other means that seek to educate fraternities or sororities on being responsible individuals and chapters. GAMMA is responsible for planning events such as non-alcoholic socials, workshops on responsible behavior, and special events that address critical issues on the BW campus. Members must be affiliated with one of the Greek organizations on BW's campus. GAMMA is not a CARE organization but works closely with our office.


mnmbluelogoforweb.jpgMid-Night Madness (MNM) plans a weekly non-alcoholic social alternative event held every Thursday night. Each week a student staff plans a variety of events and provides free food, entertainment and prizes for the participants. MNM is a great place to hang out on Thursday evenings, relax, and meet other BW students. To be a MNM staff member, students must be in good standing, committed to living a responsible lifestyle, have at least a 2.3 GPA and be registered for at least 12 credit hours. Membership is limited to 19 members and each must be at least a second semester first-year student to apply. An individual may not apply for membership with this organization if he or she is applying for CPE membership.



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