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Jacket Individual Study Plan

Dear BW Student-Athlete,

Below is the Yellow Jacket Individual Study Plan (JISP) for you to fill out. You are to complete this at the beginning of each week.  Once completed, print a copy for your records and bring a copy to your meeting with your athletic academic mentor. When we have our individual meeting, you must bring your copy.  Be honest with yourself.  Do not write down what you think we want to see. If you have any questions, you may contact us at  (440) 826-3251.

Yellow Jacket Weekly Individual Study Plan (JISP)

General Information

Year in School:
How many credits are you enrolled in this semester?
What games/competitions do you have this upcoming week?
What is your practice schedule (including meetings, film, weightlifting, and practice)?

Class Specific (based on last week)

1. Did you attend all of your classes last week? If not, reason for missing?
2. Did you meet your professor during office hours?
3. How much time did you spend last week preparing for the upcoming assignments in the class?
4. What upcoming papers, tests, projects, speeches, etc. do you have this week and their due dates?
5. Do you need a tutor? If yes, what class(s)?
6. If you meet with a tutor, how many hours per week do you meet?
7. What are your grades up to this point?
8. What letter grade are you aiming for?
9. Projected final letter grade?
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