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JUDICIAL BRANCH of the Baldwin Wallace University Student Government

The Judicial Branch of Student Government is more commonly referred to as the Supreme Court of Students, or just Supreme Court, at Baldwin Wallace University.

The power of the Supreme Court shall extend to all issues of student law, including, but not limited to disputes between or within student organizations, disputes between members of Student Government, impeachment of student officials, and disputes and grievances among the students of Baldwin Wallace University that fall under the jurisdiction of Student Government.   The Supreme Court also works with the University's Student Conduct Office and participates on panel conduct hearings.

The Supreme Court of Students at Baldwin Wallace University is made up of five Justices, which includes a Chief Justice.  At least one second year, one third year and one fourth year student serve as Justices.  The remaining two Justice positions are not relegated to a specific class year.

In order to serve on the Supreme Court at Baldwin Wallace, a student must be jointly nominated by the President of the Student Body and the the President of the Student Senate, and must then be confirmed by a majority of the Student Senate.  A candidate for Supreme Court Justice must be a full-time undergraduate student, maintaining a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.7 on a 4.0 scale, and must be at least a second year student.

A candidate for Chief Justice must be in at least their fourth consecutive semester of collegiate academic work, must have served at least one year as a Justice on the Supreme Court at Baldwin Wallace, and must be jointly selected by the President of the Student Body and the President of the Student Senate and then confirmed by a majority of the Student Senate.

2015-16 Supreme Court Justices:

- Chief Justice
     Year: Senior
     Hometown: Painesville, OH

     Year: Junior
     Hometown: Berea, OH

    Year: Junior
    Hometown: East Aurora, NY


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