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Breezer's Cup: A BW Homecoming Tradition

The Breezer's Cup is named after Myron W. Thornburg, BW's most enthusiastic and loudest fan for over 35 years (1919-1957).  Mr. Thornburg was known statewide as "Berea's Breeze" for his amazing set of lungs that would spur BW teams to victory.  The Breezer's Cup was created to honor "Berea's Breeze" and to continue his wonderful legacy of school spirit and pride in Baldwin Wallace.

The Breezer's Cup is based on four different competitions: Banner, Float, Spirit and T-Shirt.  Points are awarded during each competition and the organization/hall/team/office with the highest combined score will earn the Cup. 

The Breezer's Cup will be awarded at the conclusion of the Homecoming football game.  The Cup will be in the winner's care for one year, until it is awarded to the next year's champion.  The winning team's name will also be added to a plaque displayed in the Student Life Center in Strosacker Hall.

The reigning Breezer's Cup champion, from Homecoming 2014, is Mid-Night Madness (MNM).

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