Campus Sustainability


The campus Sustainability Committee was established in 2006 at Baldwin Wallace University and is composed of students, faculty and administrators. The committee coordinates and encourages environmentally responsible practices throughout the campus and has developed a statement of BW's Sustainability Vision and Goals.

As a result of the committee's efforts, BW has made significant changes to reduce the environmental footprint of the campus. Among these are:

  • A more than 40% reduction in our paper consumption

  • Installation of a composter that will take almost all food services food waste out of the waste stream

  • Installation of energy conservation technologies to reduce our electricity consumption (e.g., motion sensors in all classrooms by the end of 2008)

  • The use of biodegradable disposables in our food services

  • Capital funds toward the installation of a wind turbine to produce clean, renewable energy

  • An enhanced recycling system that has increased our recycling content by at least 500% in the last 2 years

  • A commitment to high performance, green building design in all future college building projects

  • Experimentation with conversion of used kitchen grease for the production of bio-diesel fuel for campus vehicles that we hope will result in near-term conversion of all kitchen grease into bio-diesel fuel for campus vehicles

  • Increased availability of bike racks around campus to discourage vehicle use

  • Adoption of "green" cleaning products for all campus buildings, with anticipated savings of over $100,000

  • First student residence hall in Ohio with geo-thermal heating and cooling

  • Exploration of conversion of an old residence hall into a "sustainability house" for students in Fall '09

  • Ohio's first undergraduate major in sustainability (fall '08)

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