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Federal regulations require that all new employees complete the following forms:

Form W-4, I-9 and the Student Ohio School District Report are fill-in pdf forms, if you do not have Acrobat Reader, click here to download it for free. 

Form W-4  is the Federal Income Tax Withholding form. When completing this form, please be sure your name and social security number are identical to the information shown on your social security card.

Tips: For line 5, the higher the number of exemptions, the lower the tax withheld; S (single) and 0 (exemptions) will withhold the most tax. You may enter a $ amount on line 6 if you wish to have extra tax withheld. Claiming "Exempt" on line 7 indicates you are to have NO federal income tax withheld. To do this you must meet the stated IRS criteria. A few helpful tools are located on the IRS Web site, a IRS Withholding Calculator and How Do I Adjust My Tax Withholding? 

Form I-9 is the Department of Homeland Security Employment Verification form.  This form cannot be completed until a student has been offered a position and MUST be completed NO later than the first day of employment.  Once a job offer has been extended to a student, the student may complete Section 1; but should not sign or date form until "ORIGINAL" IDs are presented to the staff in the SEC/Payroll office, located in 211/213 Bonds.  The most common forms used as verification for the I-9 form are:  ORIGINAL U.S. Passport (unexpired) OR State-issued ID/Driver's License AND the ORIGINAL Social Security Card OR an ORIGINAL or Certified copy of the Birth Certificate (bearing the official raised seal).  Complete instructions and acceptable documents can be found on Pages 1, 2 and Page 9 of the I-9 form.   

Student Ohio School District Report  is the form showing your *Ohio School District Number (for Ohio residents only). An out-of-state resident indicates "No." If you are a resident of PA, WV, IN, KY, MI and wish to be exempt from Ohio tax, please complete line 5 of the Student Ohio School District Report.

Employment Forms:


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