Student Employment Center


All About The Student Employment Center

The Student Employment Center (SEC) posts all workstudy and non-workstudy positions, assists students with employment forms, processes SEC Requisition forms, Change-of-Status Forms, enters student data into automated Time and Attendance system and authorizes login, checks all Federal Tax Regulations, and authorizes the issuance of student pay.

The SEC works with the Financial Aid Office who administers the awarding of financial aid, including the Federal Work Study Program for all student workers. They determine work study eligibility, assign an award amount, verify enrollment status, and authorize employment as a federal work study student. The number of hours a student can be employed under Federal Work Study is set by the dollar amount of the aid award.

Student Employment Center wishes the student employment experience at Baldwin Wallace University to be both enjoyable and rewarding. If we can help students in any way, please let us know by E-mail: or by calling: (440) 826-3177.

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