Safety & Security


Crime Prevention - The Best Defense

Crime Prevention is important to our success. Our philosophy is one of eliminating or minimizing criminal opportunities whenever possible and encouraging students, faculty and staff to be responsible for their own safety and security.

Through a campus crime prevention program, the community can increase its ability to recognize crime and safety risks, and learn methods that prevent opportunities, which allow crimes to occur. The Department offers a number of programs to help educate the college community. Current subjects include:

- Basic Residence Hall Security

This program covers residence hall security with an emphasis on safety precautions and crime prevention measures. Bicycle owners may also contact the Safety and Security Office to make an appointment to have their bike engraved.

- Operation Identification

This is a theft prevention program in which participants learn to identify situations that create opportunity for theft, and to take measures to prevent such situations from occurring. Participants have the opportunity to create a record of personal valuables such as stereos, and TV's and mark those items using an engraving tool.

The Sexual Assault Response Team is responsible for coordinating sexual assault prevention and education efforts on campus. They can be reached by contacting the Counseling Center @ 826-2180, or the Health Center @ 826-2178.

Upon request, other safety and security topics can be incorporated into a crime prevention presentation. To schedule a program, contact the department during office hours at 2336.

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