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Fall 2004 Course Schedule - Leadership Studies

 * LDR-201-S01 Intro Leadership Studies 3 1:00PM-2:15PM MW KAMM 205
T. Keller

* LDR-201-S16 Intro Leadership Studies 3 6:15PM-8:45PM M DECH 301
T. Keller
Above is P.M. Day Tuition Rates Apply.

LDR-301-S01 Ethics and Leadership 3 9:20AM-10:10AM MWF MART B9
L. Canis
Prerequisites: Take LDR-202;
A study of how moral values and assumptions shape the concept and practice of leadership. Examines the role of values in determining the moral obligations of leaders and followers in shaping moral environments. Maybe taken for Philosophy core credit in Cultural Heritage.

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