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2005 Summer Course Schedule - Sociology


Day Division - Minimester A



SOC-303I-A01 Urban Community

Life  4  8:00AM-11:20AM  MW  MC 122  D. Prok


Preq: SOC-100 SOC-106 or SOC-201;


Required of all Sociology majors


Several field trips to urban centers will be incorporated into the course.


On-site learning experiences will include visits to the Tremont area,


Slavic Village, Ohio City and the West Side Market.


Evening Division - Minimester A



SOC-201-AE1  Social Problems

4  6:15PM-10:00PM TH MC 122 T. Quist


Core Academic Skill: Problem Solving


Core Academic Skill: Ethical Impact


SOC-212-AE1 Families, Couples &  

  3 6:15PM-9:15PM  M  MC 122  J. Kelly


SOC-301-AE1 Social Inequalities

3  6:15PM-9:15PM   T   MC 122  A. Ahmed


SOC-317-AE1 Sociology of Deviance

3  6:15PM-9:15PM  W  MC 122 T. Quist


Preq: SOC-100, SOC-106, SOC-201



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