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2005 Summer Course Schedule - Religion

Evening Division - Minimester A
! REL-208I-AE1 Power of Myth 3 6:15PM-9:15PM  TH  MART 316  R. Fowler
Core Academic Skill: Writing
A study of myth in the world's religions, relying on the video series,
The Power of Myth, featuring Joseph Campbell.
! REL-266-AE1 Religion & Film 3  6:15PM-9:15PM  T  MART 316  J. Gordon
Core Academic Skill: Writing
Core Academic Skill: Ethical Impact
This course will explore the ways in which film illumines and critiques the
religious dimension of life as primarily articulated within the Christian tradition.
Themes such as, though not limited to, faith, grace, redemption, evil and
community will be examined.

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