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2005 Summer Course Schedule - Political Science

Evening Division - Minimester A
!* POL-221I-AE1 Intro to Comparative Politics  4  6:15PM-8:15PM  MW  MC 114 
C. Sarver
Core Academic Skill: Writing
Core Academic Skill: Problem Solving
Weekend Division - Immersion
!* POL-209-XIM Political History of Ohio  2 9:00AM-5:00PM  SASU  MC 114
T. Sutton
Course meets SA/SU/SA/SU on May 14, 15, 21 & 22.
This course will explore the political, social, and economic history
of the state of Ohio, from its roots as the  Northwest territory through
its rise to economic and political prominence in the late 19th century,
to its current political status as a midwestern "rust belt" state.
The course will include a number of intensive field trip experiences
and class discussions in addition to advance readings completed
by students prior to the beginning of the course. This course fulfills
the Ohio History requirement for Education majors.

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