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Summer 2005 Course Schedule

There will be one 8 week session this summer.  May 16th through July 8th.  It will be offered as a minimester A with no minimester B courses.  The schedule is available on-line only.  If you would like to print the schedule, you must do it by individual subjects. It is not available in PDF format.

All courses, including Immersions are open to ALL students! No restrictions for Day Students.

Registration Information
Web registration is available only to students with established BW email accounts.
It is to the students advantage to use Web registration, as they will receive
immediate confirmation of classes.
Web registration:
Fax: (440) 826-6522
The registration form may be found at:
Mail: Office of Registration & Records
Baldwin Wallace University
275 Eastland Road
Berea, OH  44017-2088
In Person: Registration & Records, Bonds Hall
8:30am-5:00pm Monday through Friday
A copy of your class schedule including building and room number will be sent
to your home 10 days before classes begin.  Most summer courses require an
advance assignment, which can be obtained at the College Bookstore or online at:
If you plan to enroll as a transient student, go to: http//
Summer 2005 Calendar
1st day of Class: Monday, May 16, 2005
Holidays: Monday, May 30, 2005 (Memorial Day)
Monday, July 4, 2005 (Independence Day)
Final Exams: Last class meeting date
Immersion Courses: Various times throughout the Summer
See Course Descriptions for exact meeting days/times.
Registration Dates
Web Registration: Monday, March 7 to
Thursday, March 24
Last Day to Add:
Day/Evening Courses: Wednesday, May 18
Immersion Courses: 1 week prior to start
of class
Last Day to Drop:
Day/Evening Courses: Monday, June 6
Immersion Courses: Prior to 2nd class meeting
Day/Evening Immersion
Last Day for S/U: May 27, 2005 >  Prior to
Last Day Audit to Credit: May 18, 2005 >  2nd class
Last Day Credit to Audit: June 6, 2005 >  meeting
During the summer semester, 7-10 hours is considered
full-time. Although tuition is at the same rate, an
academic overload form is required for more than 10
Financial Information
Regular classroom hours, independent
study and field experience: $450/hour
Audit courses (no grade awarded): $225/hour
Alumni Audit: $42/hour
Regular classroom hours, independent
study and field experience: $496/hour
Graduate Business: $720/hour
Graduate Audit courses (no grade awarded): $346/hour
Graduate Alumni Audit: $95/hour

! Core                                            H Honors Course         
* Freshmen                                    W Wellness/HPE Core
I International Core                         Q Meets at BW East in Beachwood
A First Minimester                          F Fine Arts Core
B Second Minimester                     LAC Language Across the Curriculum
S Full Semester                             XIM Immersion Course

Students may not count toward graduation requirements any course which is the prerequisite for a course previously taken

Art (ART)
Astronomy (AST)
Broadcasting & Mass Communication & Theatre (BMC, CST, THE)
Business (BUS)
Chemistry (CHM)
College Refresher Algebra (COL)
Computer Science (CSC)
Economics (ECN)
Education (EDU)
English (ENG)
Geology (GEO)
Health & Physical Education (HPE)
History (HIS)
Mathematics (MTH)
Music (MUL)
Philosophy (PHL)
Physics (PHY)
Political Science (POL)
Psychology (PSY)
Religion (REL)
Sociology (SOC)

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