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Spring 2004 Course Schedule- Honors

Day Division - Semester

-Phase I-

HON-200-S01 The Heroic Quest on Film 4 1:00PM-3:00PM TTH KLES 222 Levin/Tarantowski
This course is open only to first & second year students in the Honors Program who have taken HON-100. An examination of films that feature the "Heroic Quest" as the central dramatic action or as a thematic device that determines the narrative. In this course, we will look at the history and development of the Journey as an allegory for personal and spiritual growth. We will examine the role of need for self-actualization in the portrayal of "heroic" characters in film. Antecedent narrative forms and titles will be examined and compared to contemporary film forms to show both similarities to, and the development of, these narrative forms. The purpose of this study is to both reveal how these narratives reflect the cultural values of our time and place in which they exist and create and sustain the cultural values of the time & place in which they exist.

HON-200-S02 City, Country, Suburb: Space 4 1:20PM-3:00PM MW CLLC TBA Heinicke/Stanton
Only open to first & second year Honors Program students who have taken HON 100. How our spatial living arrangements, especially as reflected in an urban, suburban, rural, or wilderness environment affects and is affected by our social activities, culture, economics, science and technology. The physical nature of our surroundings is examined and how it is bound up with tensions we find in our current society. One example is the tranquility of the country or wilderness vs. the energy of the city. These are pursued historically and as reality and metaphor.

-Phase II-

HON-199-S01 Portrait Artist: Life Thru Art 4 1:20PM-2:25PM MWF KULS 301
J. Feldman
The aim of this course is to explore the meaning, value, and justification of the arts by studying the artist as portrayed in fiction, drama, and film. As class projects, students can chose to write fiction, poetry, dramatic scenes, or personal essays to develop their own aesthetic observations and insights. By examining the creative impulse of diverse minds, students may discover the artist in themselves, and experience the arts with new awareness. Students must be of at least sophomore status and be enrolled in the Honors Program, or have at least sophomore status and a GPA of at least 3.5.

!* GEO-111H-S01 Dynamic Earth - Honors 4 9:55AM-11:10AM TTH LES 118
S. Thomas
LAB 1:00PM-3:45PM M LES 224 S. Thomas
This is open to all students of Sophomore status who attained a GPA of 3.5 or higher at the time of registration. The goods and technologies humankind accumulates, and many of our cultural and political perspectives that are based on the distribution of earth’s materials. In this course work, students are to recognize these connections by focusing on what role earth’s resources played in Geology, History and Art. Students will have the option of applying Spanish, French, German or Italian language skills for writing assignments. They will either receive extra credit or a reduced number of assignments.

!* REL-205IH-S01 History of the Bible 4 10:40AM-11:45AM MWF MART 316
R. Fowler
Core Academic Skill: Writing
This course is open to all students of Sophomore status who attained a GPA of 3.5 or higher at the time of registration. This course is also open to students formally accepted into the Honors Program who are at least of sophomore status. A study of the formation and use of the Bible through the centuries and of the impact it has had on western culture. Topics such as the following will be addressed: the manuscript traditions of the Bible, the development of the canon, theories of the authority and inspiration of scripture, the history of translation and interpretation, and the history of the English Bible.

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