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2002SP Undergraduate Day - Speech Communication Disorders

Day Division - Semester

NOTE:  Communications Disorders courses do not count toward the fine arts core requirement.

!* SCD-105-S16 Intro Commun Disorders   3   6:15PM-8:45PM   W   KLES 219   L. Freebairn

* SCD-134-S01 Sign Language I   3   8:15AM-9:05AM   MWF   KLES 128   C. Williams

* SCD-134-S02 Sign Language I   3   10:40AM-11:30AM   MWF   KLES 128   C. Williams

SCD-235-S01 Clin Mgmt & Stand   1   1:00PM-1:50PM   T   KLES 221   C. Visconti
Prerequisites: Take SCD-105 SCD-220

SCD-334-S01 Sign Language II   3   9:20AM-10:10AM   MWF   KLES 128   C. Williams
Prerequisites: Take SCD-134

SCD-335-S01 Clinical Practice   1-3   WARD LNG   C. Visconti
Prerequisites: Take SCD-220 SCD-225

SCD-341-S01 Speech Disorders   3   9:55AM-11:10AM   TTH   KLES 220   C. Visconti
Prerequisites: Take SCD-220

SCD-420-S01 Audio & Aural Rehab   3   9:05AM-10:25AM   MW   KLES 220   V. Ward-Gravely
Prerequisites: Take SCD-220

SCD-440-S01 Rsrch Mthds Commun Disorder   3   1:00-3:30PM   TH   KLES 113   C. Visconti
Prerequisites: Take SCD-220
NEW!  Course provides an overview of research methodology, design considerations, and the formulation of testable research questions that are central to the study of communication disorders.  Ethical issues involved in communication disorders research will also be discussed.

SCD-476-S01 Capstone   2   KLES TBA   C. Visconti
Prerequisites: Take SCC-412

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