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2002 Summer - English


! ENG-133-AE1 Wksp Creative Write Fiction   3   6:15PM-9:15PM   M   Marting 211   S. Upadhyay
Core Academic Skills: Writing and Problem Solving
PREQ: Student must have completed the college writing requirement (ENG 111, ENG 131, or exemption)  plus ENG 126.   Assignments in writing fiction.   Students who have taken ENG 133-Poetry can also take ENG 133-Fiction for credit.

! ENG-336-AE1 Amer Lit & the Civil War   4   6:15PM-8:15PM   TTH   Marting 209   N. Wurzel
Core Academic Skills: Writing and Problem Solving
PREQ: 6 hours of literature at 100 or 200 level.
Walt Whitman observed that “The real war will never get in the books,” yet American authors have written more on the Civil War than any event in our history, often using the mythology of the war to reflect on the present. This course will examine slavery, war experience, and the moral aftermath from varied 19th and 20th century perspectives. We will consider the competing and complementary roles of “fact” versus “fiction,” and “historical truth” versus myth and metaphor in looking at the impact of the war on the American imagination. This course will not focus on military history. Authors include Stowe, Douglass, Whitman, Bierce, Crane, Faulkner, Morrison and others.


! ENG-131-AW1 Wksp Expo & Argument   3   11:15AM-2:15PM   SA   Marting 209   M. Stiner
Core Academic Skills: Writing and Ethical Impact
Assignments in writing expository and argumentative prose with particular emphasis on content development.

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