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2002SP Lifelong Learning - Theatre

Evening Division - Semester

**CANCELLED** ! SCT-100-SE1 Intro to Theatre   3   6:15PM-8:45PM   T   KLES 219   J. Winget
Core Academic Skill: Social Interaction and Ethical Impact

!* SCT-154-SE1 Creative Dramatics   2   6:15PM-7:55PM   M   KLES 222   M. Fields
Core Academic Skill: Oral Communication and Problem Solving

! SCT-324-SE1 Studies in Films   3   6:15PM-9:15PM   TH   KLES 222   J. Tarantowski
"From Arizona to Fargo:  The Comedy and Social Commentary of the Coen Brothers"
NEW!  This course will examine how the brothers Coen use comedy, satire, abstraction, and visual style to comment on contemporary culture.  The Coens' personal visions, time in history, and artistic sensibilities will be examined through the context of their work and its relationship to other film genres.  Histroy and criticism will be emphasized as well as the literature and practical techniques of criticism.  Some of these films have serious and mature themes!

Evening Division - Minimester A

**CANCELLED** ! SCT-151-AE1 Acting for Non-Majors   2   6:15PM-8:15PM   M   KLES 115   N. Poole
Core Academic Skill: Social Interaction

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