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2002SP Lifelong Learning - Political Science

Evening Division - Semester

! POL-204-SE1 Civil Rights II   2   6:15PM-7:45PM   TH   MC 110   J. Hardiman
Core Academic Skill: Social Interaction and Ethical Impact

! POL-208-SE1 Topic: Your Privacy & Law   3   6:15PM-7:30PM   TTH   MC 200   S. Walters
Core Academic Skill: Social Interaction and Ethical Impact
This course will examine the balance the law strikes between personal constitutional freedoms and intrusions into that privacy by government, employers, health insurers, and others. Topics will include internet privacy, electronic monitoring, disease databases, and reproductive freedom.

! POL-231-SE1 Intro Political Theory   4   6:15PM-9:15PM   T   MC 114   T. Sutton
Core Academic Skill: Writing and Ethical Impact

! POL-299-SE1 Public Interest Research   4   6:15PM-9:15PM   W   MC 210   M. Mattern
Core Academic Skill: Problem Solving and Quantitative
Students learn research methods by applying them. Students conduct professional quality research that will help policy makers and community activists improve our communities. Course will substitute for POL 240 requirement of majors.

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