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WebExpress Instructions for Day Students

Approximately two weeks before it is time for you to register, you will be sent Web registration instructions and your WebExpress access information via email.  Registration questions should be directed to a special e-mail account, or may be called into a hotline number (440) 826-8032.

If you have any type of financial, academic or disciplinary hold, you will not be able to register.  A message will appear that will tell you what office you need to visit to make registration arrangements.  Do not make an appointment with your advisor until you have been cleared to register and have made your course selections.

The process is simple:  you will be given a time when you may first register, check on WebExpress for your specific Web Registration time.  By earned hours of previous semester, seniors will be assigned first, then juniors, sophomores and freshmen.

Run your academic program evaluation to assist you to select appropriate courses.

After you have finished making all of your course selections, go to the section that says My Schedule and print a copy of your schedule. Also, print your Academic Program Evaluation and take both of these with you when you see your faculty advisor.

You will then need to make an appointment with your faculty advisor to review your selections and to finalize your schedule.

It is to your advantage to see your faculty advisor ASAP after doing WebExpress in case changes have to be made to your schedule.  A week after all registration is complete, the Registrar will be contacting students and their advisors about any courses that have not been released.  Selections not released by the deadline will be cancelled from the student's schedule.  It is important not to make changes after seeing your faculty advisor.

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