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All forms may be printed and sent or faxed to (440) 826-6522, the Office of Registration & Records. You must obtain all required signatures before submitting, or the form will be returned to you.

Current students may obtain a free enrollment verification that can be used to send to health insurers, housing providers or other organizations requiring proof of enrollment. The free enrollment verification is now on WebExpress under "Student Self-Service/Transcript Ordering." 

Add/Drop (Undergraduate Day)

Add/Drop (Undergraduate Evening/Weekend)

Add/Drop (Graduate)


Alumni Audit
Graduates of BW are welcome to contact the Registrar's Office at (440) 826-2126 for information on registering for available seats the first day of each semester. The seats and course choices are limited, but Alumni Audit affords local graduates a chance to expand their knowledge.  Fees for Alumni Audit are non-refundable.

Application for Graduation - Undergraduate 2016

Application for Graduation - Undergraduate 2015

Application for Graduation - Masters Programs

Certificate Program 
Students need to declare any of the following certificate programs: Accounting, Human Resource Management, Organizational Leadership, Public History and Sustainability. 

Change of Name and Address 

Closed Class 

Declaration or Change of Major
Form available in the Academic Advising Office or Evening/Weekend Office. Not available on the Web.

Experiential Learning Contract

Experiential Learning Evaluation

Experiential Learning Graduation Requirement Checklist

Experiential Learning Written Reflection Guidelines

Freshman Forgiveness 
Freshmen who started Fall 2004 or later may request to retake a course taken in their first 32 semester hours of their academic career.  Forms must be submitted to the Registrar prior to the first Friday of the semester you are planning to repeat the course.

Full-time and/or Part-time Status Letter
Current students may also obtain a free enrollment verification by logging onto their WebExpress and selecting the Student Self-Service/Transcript Ordering link.  They will be directed to the National Student Clearinghouse website where they can view and print their enrollment documents.

Grade Report Request 
Students may request hard copy of their grade reports sent directly to their permanent address.

Independent Study
Independent study is an individualized academic investigation carried out by a student under faculty supervision. Any full-time or part-time student who is sophomore status and has a GPA of 2.00 or better may participate in an approved independent study.

Interdepartmental Major

Interdepartmental Minor

International Studies Waiver (undergraduate) DD 214 required

Overload Approval 
Full time students may schedule from 12 to 18 hours of class work. In order to schedule more than 18 hours (other than one extra hour of HPE), students must have a 3.00 cumulative GPA and permission of both the faculty advisor and the registrar. Students must pay extra tuition for all hours (including HPE) in excess of 18.

Petition for Withdraw After the Scheduled Drop Date

Returning Undergraduate

Returning Graduate Business

Returning Graduate Education 

Registration Adult & Continuing Education

Registration Undergraduate

Registration Graduate Business
This form may be printed and either faxed to (440) 826-6522, mailed, or brought in to the Office of Registration and Records. Students with an established BW email account can register online through WebExpress.

Registration Graduate Education
This form may be printed and either faxed to (440) 826-6522, mailed, or brought in to the Office of Registration and Records. Students with an established BW email account can register online through WebExpress.

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Course Registration 
Sophomores, juniors and seniors not on academic probation may elect a maximum of four credit hours per semester, up to a maximum of 20 credit hours, to be graded on an S/U basis.  The courses in which this option is exercised may not be courses in the student's major or minor department or specifically required as part of the major or minor. Foundation courses: ENG 131, Math Core courses and LAS 200 cannot be taken on an S/U basis. All other courses, including the general curriculum requirements, may be taken under this option.  The decision by the student to take a course on this basis must be declared to the registrar by the last day of the fourth week of the term. The student may, within the same period, nullify the election of this option.  Students being graded under the S/U option must fulfill all requirements of the course. 

Senior Thesis Form

Transcript Request
See Transcript Policies for more information on requesting transcripts.

Transfer Credit Approval  Students wishing to have transfer courses reviewed for approval should complete this form. You will need to provide a course description and syllabus in order for the Department Chairperson to determine possible transfer to BW.  Please provide the course materials to either Janet Duber in the Registrar's Office or directly to the appropriate Department Chairperson at BW.  If you have any questions, please call Janet at (440) 826-2128.  All transfer courses must have a grade of C or better.  There is a 62 semester hour limit from two-year community colleges. 

Transient Student Permit
Special permission from the Registrar may be given to Baldwin Wallace University students to attend another regionally accredited institution during an academic term and transfer credits to their degree programs at the University.  An approved transient permit form signed by the Registrar is necessary to register for any course at another institution.  When looking for a course equivalency, please utilize the transfer guide found on WebExpress.  


The above forms require the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader


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