Motor Pool Vans

The Purchasing Department has available for rental:

  • eight mini vans
  • one 12 passenger van*
  • one 15 passenger van*

* The 12 and15 passenger vans are to be driven only by the faculty and staff of the university.

The vans are to be used for university related events only.  Reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis.   If a van is driven out of a 25 mile radius, the department is responsible for the gas they use and the van must be returned with a full tank of gas. 

All drivers must be registered by the university as an authorized driver and must take the van training class.  If you are not registered, please refer to the Application to Operate University-Owned Vehicles (must login to Blackboard to access form).  Information about reserving a van can be obtained by reviewing our Motor Pool Program.

Students who need to use the motor pool van for their department or organization must complete an Authorization for Use of Van form  in advance.  Student organizations that use a van for an overnight trip, must complete an Authorization for Overnight Use of Van form (both forms can be obtained from portal). This form must be submitted prior to your trip.  A faculty or staff person must be in the van and accompany the group for the entire duration of the trip.  Either form must be filled out and signed by the Advisor/Supervisor or the Academic Department Chair.  The Purchasing Department must have the form before the keys will be released for use of the van.

If a van is not available, check out information on local Car Rentals.

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