Purchasing Department Procedures

The Purchasing Department, located in Room 209 of the Bonds Administration Building, coordinates the acquisition of all goods and services costing $100 or more which are for the internal use of the university.  Purchasing will negotiate appropriate purchase agreements: ie., contracts, leases, blanket purchase orders or singular acquisitions, for all such transactions.  Purchases of inventory for resale by the Bookstore and Food Services are handled by those organizations.  NOTE: The university does not purchase goods or services for the personal use of its employees.

Purchasing personnel will work with and assist the departments in making their decisions through:  helping identify needs, providing current information on available products and services, formatting requirements, researching qualified alternate sources of supply and introducing feasible competition.  As a result, Purchasing will be involved with and handle most supplier sales contacts.  Order inquiries, delivery follow-up, expediting, damage and quantity claims, invoice disputes, maintenance contracts, and initial training contacts should be referred to Purchasing for handling and resolution.  Repair calls for office equipment should be handled by the respective department.

As a general rule, Purchase Orders will not be issued for purchases under $100 when the exact price(s) is know.  Payment or reimbursement for these purchases is accomplished by completion of the Check or Cash section of the REQUEST FOR PURCHASE ORDER, CHECK OR CASH form.  For Purchases of $100 or more, vendors are expected to provide and will receive payment for only those goods and services ordered via an authorized BW Purchase Order.  Authorized department personnel can approve expenditures up to $2,500.  The Vice President responsible for your department must pre-approve all purchases/expenses over $2,500.   Purchase Orders are generated by completing the Purchasing section of the REQUEST FOR PURCHASE ORDER, CHECK OR CASH form.  Delivery of goods will normally be directed to and accepted only at Central Receiving.  Subsequent delivery to the end-user department will be arranged for by the receiving clerk.

All procurement will be made on the best terms and at the lowest overall cost consistent with an appropriate level of quality.  Acquisition will be made on a competitive basis, whenever practical, to obtain maximum value for each dollar expended.  Fair and impartial consideration is given to all interested suppliers who can meet the university's quality, quantity, delivery and service requirements.

It is BW policy to take affirmative action to provide maximum practical opportunity to minority and women's businesses and persons to participate as suppliers and contractors in the provision of its goods and services.

All questions related to these guidelines, orders in progress, goods and services availability, current prices, new technology or alternate sources(s) should be directed to the Purchasing Department on ext. 2444.

Requisitioning of internal services and supplies should be accomplished by completing the SERVICES AND STORES REQUISITION form and mailing it to:

  • Printing Services (Printing and Related Services)
  • Bookstore (Office Supplies)
  • Storeroom (Maintenance & Custodial Services)
  • Food Services (Food and Catering Services)
  • Special Postal Services (i.e.: bulk mailing, labeling & engraving)

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