Payroll Services


Direct Deposit

Baldwin Wallace pays employees via Direct Deposit into a personal checking or savings account.  Using the direct-deposit system will save:

     Effort:  No more mad dashes on your lunch break to deposit your check. 
Time:  You will have immediate access to your funds, no waiting at the Cashier's Office or the Bank.
    Worry:  If ill, on vacation, or just too busy, the money is safely credited to your account.  
    Frustration:  No possibility of a lost or stolen paycheck.  
   Money:  Some financial institutions offer service-free checking along with other benefits.

To complete the Direct Deposit form, the Trans-ABA (Routing) number of your bank is needed.  This number can usually be found on the lower, left hand portion of your personal check.  Your individual account number is to the right of the Trans-ABA number.  There is usually a colon separating the two numbers.  If you have any questions as to the accuracy of the numbers, please contact your banking institution.


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