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There are 26 Bi-Weekly Pay Days within each calendar year.  A calendar-year schedule can be found by clicking Bi-Weekly Payroll Schedule/ 2015/2016.  Please note exceptions to the Monday due dates and/or the Friday Pay Days.  A note is sent to both supervisors and employees for any exceptions not found on the Payroll Schedule.

Monthly paychecks are issued on the last working day of each month.

Through ADP, our payroll provider, you can access your earnings statements (pay stubs) and W-2 forms 24 hours per day, 7 days a week through ADP iPayStatements. Additional help with registering. ADP iPayStatements Powerpoint, or Step by Step with iPay Card.  

In addition to wage, tax, and deduction information, the Earnings Statement (pay stub) provides information pertaining to benefits BW pays on the employee's behalf.  Calculations are customized to each employee's personal benefits. 

Social Security Taxes
(BW portion)
          a.  Social Security portion - 6.20% - of current years base
          b.  Medicare portion - 1.45% - no cap

*** For additional information for the following benefits, please contact Human Resources. ***

  • Pension Contribution - to receive the matching BW contribution of 7%, an employee must contribute a minimum of 3%.
  • Long-Term Disability (BW Cost)
  • Life Insurance/AD&D ( BW Cost)
  • Unemployment/Worker's Compensation (BW Cost)

For Non-Exempt employees, the Earnings Statement also includes available Sick and Vacation Hours.

In addition to Social Security Taxes, BW is required to meet Federal, State, RITA (Berea City 2%), and Ohio School District (where applicable) taxing requirements. 


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