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Parking FAQ's


  • Call the Parking Office at 440.826-2333 when you have a question about parking
  • Keep parking regulations in your car; they are a valuable resource and just reading the information will save you time and trouble (extra copies are available in the Parking Services Office).  The parking map shows the lot location and who may park there.  Some employee lots convert to student parking at certain times.  Please check the map for this information.
  • Parking permits are issued only by Parking Services and may only be used by the person to whom they are issued
  • Check your vehicle every day
  • Avoid high priority red curb zones, (Bonds, Ritter, Constitution and North lots), the fine for the first offense is $100, second violation will result in a $100 fine and towing.


May I bring a car to campus?

All students are eligible to receive a BW parking permit.  Those who operate vehicles on campus are required to register their vehicles with the ParkingServices Office, located in the Bonds Administration Building, Room 119.

Student parking assignments are based on class rank and student residency.  Students who only need a car for a few days each semester may apply for a temporary permit at no cost.  These permits are valid for no more than 10 days each academic year.

Employees: registration information and forms are available online, on the first page of the Parking Services website.  Employee permits provided at no cost, charges for unpaid parking citations will be billed.  Balances more than 90 day overdue will be collected through payroll deduction.  Guest permits for employee family members who are not BW students are available; cost is $100.  Guest permits are issued in the employees name.  Sanctions for illegal permit use apply to participating students and employees when guest permits are used by BW students.

Is it okay to use a permit issued to another student or employee?

No, not under any circumstances.  Fines and automatic sanctions are imposed on all participating students and employees.  Please see the section on Automatic Sanction at the end.

How about handicap permits?

Students and employees may use state issued handicap permits or University issued temporary handicap permits in conjunction with BW student permits only.   Those requiring a temporary handicap permit for 30 days or less should contact the BW Health Center at 440.826-2178 for information.  Persons who use state issued handicap permits or license plates on campus are required to provide to the Office of Parking Services, a copy of the owner registration card given by the BMV at time of issue.   TRANSFER, ALTERATION, REPRODUCTION OR ILLEGAL USE OF ALL HANDICAP PERMITS IS PERMIT FRAUD.  PLEASE NOTE AUTOMATIC SANCTION FOR ILLEGAL PERMIT USE OR TRANSFER AT THE END OF THIS PAGE.

What if my parking permit is lost or stolen?

If your permit is lost or stolen contact Parking Services immediately.    A written report  must be filed in order to appeal ticket(s) issued related to the loss and receive a replacement permit.  A replacement fee will be charged.   Check your vehicle daily. 

Once a written report is made, any vehicle displaying the lost/stolen permit, including the original owner, will be towed.  Participating students or employees will be fined for illegal use of a permit.

Please see the section for automatic sanctions at the end.

How do I appeal a BW parking ticket?

Follow the instructions on the back of the ticket.  Tickets may be appealed within 10 days of issue.  Appeal forms are available online, on the first page of the Parking Services website. or from the Office of Parking Services, Bonds Administration Building, Room 119.  Written appeals are reviewed by the Appeals Committee, a volunteer student group which meets periodically during the academic year.  Written decisions will be mailed to the student.  Please note: ignorance of the parking regulations, lack of proximity to destination, lateness of arrival, inability to pay, or improper parking by others do not constitute valid reasons for appeal.

How many tickets can I get before my vehicle is towed?

There is no magic number.  Several factors and conditions are considered.  Generally speaking, any vehicle with repeat violations may be towed. 


  • blocking access, in any way, to fire hydrants, sidewalks, doors, reserved service parking or dumpsters
  • double parked or obstructing free access of another vehicle
  • parking on grass or anywhere outside a lined parking space that may impair public safety or damage property

How can I retrieve a towed vehicle?

Those who request release of a vehicle after the service vehicle is dispatched are responsible for immediate payment of the road call fee of $45.   Towed vehicles may be recovered by showing proof of ownership and payment of towing fee, ($90 for cars,  $150 for trucks and $12 per day storage for cars, $20 for trucks), at Charlie's Towing Service, 20389 First Avenue, Middleburg Hts.  Phone: 440.234-5300

Why are some curbs on campus painted red?

Red curbs designate an area where no parking or stopping is permitted at any time for the protection of people and vehicles. Several areas are High Priority Red Curb Zones:

  • Driveway behind Constitution Hall
  • Driveway between Bonds and Kamm Hall
  • Driveway between Ritter Library and Malicky Center for Social Sciences
  • Driveway between the President's House and North Hall

Fine for parking in these areas is $100 for the first violation. Second violation will result in a $100 fine and towing.

Where do my family and friends park when they come to visit me?

Direct your guests to park in any student lot.  These lots are signed and are easy to find on your parking map (part of your BW parking regulations).  If you would like extra copies they are available in the Parking Services Office.  Guests may not park in posted employee or reserved areas, in safety violation or in no overnight parking  zones between 3 a.m. -  7:30 a.m.    Guests who receive tickets for parking in student lots should follow the guest procedure on the back of the ticket.  You should request cancellation of the ticket by completing the CONFIRMATION OF STUDENT or, (for guests of employees or departments), university GUEST section on the back of the ticket.  It is very important to acknowledge and request cancellation of these tickets.  Vehicles with multiple violations may be towed.    The university reserves the right to limit guest parking during peak class times.

There are a small number of parking spaces in the Bonds Administration Lot #1 and Marting Lot South reserved for visitors to Bonds Administration Building and Conservatory Admissions, respectively.  These spaces are not available to employees, students, or student guests, at any time.

Is street parking available?

Parking is available during the day on some city streets throughout campus; check signs carefully.  There is no overnight street parking in the city of Berea (3 a.m. -  6 a.m.).   Please respect resident's property.  Do not block driveways or park or walk on lawns.  Tickets issued by the city of Berea may only be paid or appealed at Berea City Hall.

Does the university provide services such as security escorts, dead battery and lock out assistance?

Yes.  Service is available at any time for the safety of anyone on campus, particularly during evening hours.  Dial 2000 from any campus phone, advise the dispatcher of your location and destination.  A Student Auxiliary will be dispatched to accompany you to any campus building or parking lot.  Campus phones are at the outside entrance to residence halls, inside all campus buildings, and the Center, Lou Higgins Center, and Administration #2 lots. 

Please dial (440) 826-2000 from off-campus and cell phones.


Automatic Sanction

Parking permits, including handicap permits, are not transferable between persons.  The automatic sanction for fraudulent registration, transfer to/between members of the BW community and alteration, reproduction or illegal use of a parking permit, including handicap permit, is towing and a $200 fine for all participating students or employees.

Sanction for illegal transfer/use of a handicap permit (state or BW issued) includes all penalties of illegal permit transfer/use plus an educational project to be determined by the Judicial Administrator.


Parking Committee

If you are interested in participating in Parking Committee meetings or have questions about campus parking, please call Parking Services at (440) 826-2333.

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