Information Technology


Administrative Systems Standards Policy

Administrative (non-academic) software packages or systems intended for use on BW’s network which meet any or all of the following conditions are subject to this Administrative System Standards Policy: 


1)    Software that will access network resources or be accessed via the campus intranet

2)    System purchases that include computer hardware

3)    Systems where stored data includes sensitive/confidential information (as defined by FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) and/or GLB (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act)

4)    Systems that will require possible support from the Information Technology Department following installation

5)    Systems that maintain data which is duplicated elsewhere on campus or requires integration with another software system on campus

6)    Software systems which may have an impact on another department


The policy is intended to make the most efficient use of technology and support resources, ensure desktop, network, and data security and compatibility, and function in compliance with the hardware standards maintained by IT.  Prior to any purchase of a new system or software that is restricted by the conditions listed above, a proposal for the purchase must be submitted to the IT Department and include the following: 

  • A comprehensive description of the product
  • Name of database (if any)
  • Hardware requirements (if any)
  • A support plan to cover the installation and on-going support and training
  • Specific network requirements
  • Data integration requirements 

Subsequent support from IT following any approved purchase falls into two category levels: 

Complete Care
– Software and systems purchased through the annual IT Computer Capital Budget process will receive comprehensive support for hardware and software.

Network Care
– Software and systems purchased through another department’s operating or capital budget are provided network support to run the software on a BW server and will receive assistance with software upgrades.  (Sufficient notice must be given to IT before installation, upgrades, and/or training is scheduled.)  The department is responsible for purchasing software support from vendor.


Off-Campus Hosting – Software or systems that will reside on off-campus, vendor-owned hardware must adhere to the following conditions:


1)    Vendor must maintain adequate security for the program (as determined by IT).

2)    The system will need to meet reasonable requirements for data confidentiality and security (as determined by IT).

3)    All data provided to the vendor and stored on vendor systems must follow BW guidelines.   

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