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Frequently Asked Questions

As a new student, when do I get access to the BW network and my BW email account?
Network accounts are created after* you pay the required $200 Admission deposit, acknowledging that you will be attending BW.  You will then be directed to a self-service site to activate your account and create a password.   (*typically within 48 hours)

I need to register for summer orientation.  Where do I go to fill out those forms?
Once you've established your network account, you will have access to BW’s "WebExpress," where you will find all of the orientation forms.

I activated my account over the summer, but I forgot my password.  What should I do?
Go to the self-service site, verify your identity, and follow the directions for changing your password.  If you have any difficulty, call the IT HelpDesk at (440) 826-7000.

Where do I log into my BW email account?
BW student email “Office 365” is hosted off-site by Microsoft.  Log in to your student account by going to  Your BW email account is yours to keep forever!  It never expires.

Does BW offer any online courses?
Yes, there are a variety of online and distance learning courses and programs available to students.

What type of technology will I need to bring with me?
Starting Fall 2015, BW adopts a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) requirement for all incoming freshmen.  Recommended devices are Windows laptops and Windows tablet computers (such as the MS Surface Pro).  MacBooks are generally suitable, but some academic disciplines prefer Windows OS to the Mac OS.  If you are choosing a Mac, please consult with the academic department of your major prior to making a purchase.  Tablet devices that are not computers (such as iPads) are great supplementary devices, but will not suffice as a student's primary computer.  Desktop computers are no longer appropriate.   A desktop printer is not required as printing (including wireless and mobile printing) is widely available on campus.  New BW students completing their Orientation forms will read and electronically sign a Mobile Technology Agreement.  

What do I need to know about BYOD?
The following resources should help you understand how to select an appropriate device, the free programs you'll have access to, and know more about connecting to BW's "Virtual Desktop!"

Will I need to purchase any specific software programs for my computer?
BW students receive FREE Microsoft Office 365 software, featuring Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, Publisher, Outlook, and Lync.  There are versions for both Mac and PC and mobile apps, as well.  It can be downloaded on up to 5 computers or mobile devices.  This service is provided FREE of CHARGE to all current BW students.  It can be downloaded from your student email account.

Are there any minimum system requirements for my computer to connect to the BW network?
Most computers today have the necessary specs to run on the BW network.  Rarely do we encounter a case of a student’s equipment being too old or out-of-date to be functional.

What type of wireless service does BW have?
Wireless service (802.11n) is available in all academic buildings, residence halls, and most outdoor gathering areas on the BW campus.  A one-time (per year) setup process is required to connect to the BW wireless network.  Find it at (Note:  You must have a BW network account to gain access.)

Will I have to pay a technology fee?
No.  Wifi is free, printing is free, labs are free… basically, it’s all FREE.

You mentioned computer labs and printing... where are these located?
The BW campus has over 600 computers in 38 labs across its campus.  Two labs are open 24/7.  Students can find a complete list of labs, locations, and software available HERE.  

BW now offers students the ability to utilize the general pool of software from anywhere by logging into its Virtual Desktop program.  

Each BW student receives a generous printing allotment each semester which is credited to their Jacket Express card.  Each time a campus printer is used, per-page charges are subtracted from the credit balance.  Rarely does a student exceed his or her free printing allotment.  Wireless printing and mobile printing are also available.

I will be living in a residence hall.  What network connections are available there?
Wireless service is available in all residence halls.  Cable television is also provided at no extra cost.  Gaming consoles can be connected to the BW network for online play.  Wired telephones are no longer included in student rooms.  Each residence hall is equipped with at least one public phone for making local calls.

Will I be given any network or cloud storage space?
Yes.  All students receive a “Microsoft “OneDrive”  with 7GB of cloud storage for the items you want to save and access from anywhere.

What if I have trouble with my computer, like a virus, or I just have technical questions?
That’s what the BW HelpDesk is for!  The HelpDesk is available by phone 24-7-365 by calling (440) 826-7000 or in-person (20 Beech Street) during normal business hours.  There are a variety of repair services available for more serious issues (fee charged), but telephone assistance is free.  There is also a comprehensive online KnowledgeBase that allows you to search by keyword for answers to your questions.  BW provides all students with FREE anti-virus software which can be downloaded from the KnowledgeBase.

What about campus emergencies?  Does IT have a method for notifying students?
Yes.  Twice per year, all students must participate in “Electronic Check In” to verify their personal contact information.  Students who provide their personal cell phone number can opt in to receive emergency text message notifications for urgent matters or school closings.

I’m trying to graduate in 4 years.  How can IT help me with that?
Ask your advisor about "My Graduation Plan” – an online tool in WebExpress that will help you stay on track to graduate on time. 

What else can IT help me with?
IT works in conjunction with BW’s Ritter Library to provide students with a wealth of online and electronic resources.  We encourage you to take advantage of all of the technology applications that Ritter has to offer.

I still haven’t found the answer to my question here.  Where can I go for help?
Try searching for your answer in IT’s KnowledgeBase.  (It's searchable by key word.)  If you still don’t have any luck, please contact the IT HelpDesk (440) 826-7000.  They should be able to answer your question or direct you to someone who can. 


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