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Webcasting & Streaming Audio/Video


Webcasting is when a program or event (mostly live, but can be an archived file) is broadcast out over the Internet from the Baldwin Wallace website.  We have utilized this technology to webcast conservatory recitals, graduation ceremonies, and other significant campus events.  The webcast "team" is a cooperative initiative of BW administration, staff, students, and faculty including various departments such as College Relations, Information Technology, Education, the Music Conservatory, and Broadcasting.  Our purpose is to define and broadcast campus events and programs that have appeal to an ever-widening BW community. One additional benefit of this focus is to also provide students in broadcasting, education, and music the opportunity to produce webcasts under the direction of faculty and staff advisors.

 Real Server - Streaming Audio & Video

The Real Server is a technology that allows us to "stream" audio and/or video materials out over the internet. Streaming means that the file begins to play before the whole file has downloaded in order to reduce the amount of time it takes for the media to play. Audio or video materials can be live or they can be digitalized files made from other media such as VHS tapes or audio CDs. In order for a user to play Real Media files on their browser, they must have Real Player, which can be obtained from the plug-ins page. ETS can assist faculty and staff interested in using this technology.

Recent Webcasts

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