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Transfer Policy

Student must be a resident student, living on Campus and have been billed for the full Jacket Express board plan acoount amount for the current semester.  You must have $150 at the time of transfer in your Jacket Express account.  In some instances, a student may be billed on their BW Student Billing account for $150 if there Jacket Express account has an insufficiant amount to transfer.

Sorry you missed the enrollment period for Spring semester.

Falll 2015 enrollment will begin on Wednesday September 2, 2015


BW Stinger Card: FAQ

Q: What is the $150 Jacket Express Board Plan transfer option?
A: Due to several requests received from BW students over the past couple of years, BW has partnered with PNC to allow resident students the ability to transfer $150 from their Jacket Express Board Plan to be able to go off campus for living expenses.  
Q: How do I request for this $150 option?
A: There is a two-step process to request for the $150 Jacket Express Board Plan transfer. 

First a Resident student must have an "active" PNC Checking account and the BW Stinger visa/debit card prior to requesting the $150.transfer during the requesting enrollment period posted.

  •  Step 1: you will need to request that you wish to have $150 transferred from your Jacket Express Board Plan.  To do this, you will go to www.bw.edu/resources/id and click on the BW Stinger Card page and follow the instructions.
 This first step will need to be completed at the beginning of each semester (Fall and Spring); details and deadlines will be announced during the previous semester. 

  •   •  Step 2: you must enter your banking information (bank routing number and account number) in the the BW Stinger Bucks portal so that we can transfer the $150 to your PNC checking account which will be linked to the BW Stinger Visa Debit Card.
  •   This second step will only need to be completed once.

Q: What are the eligibility requirements to elect the $150 option?
A: Requirements include:

1.  Be a BW RESIDENT, living on Campus student and have paid the full Jacket Express Board Plan      for the current school semester.

2.  Have an active PNC Checking Account

3.  Elect to have the BW Stinger Visa Debit card

4.  Have $150 at the time of transfer in my Jacket Express account.  In some instances, If there are         insufficient funds to transfer from your Jacket Express account at the time of the transfer then your      Student Billing account will be charged for the amount your account was deficient

Q: Can I allocate more or less than $150 each semester (Fall/Spring) as part of the Resident Jacket Express Board Plan?
A: No, the program offers a fixed amount for both Fall and Spring semesters.

Q: Will this $150 show up in my PNC checking account?
A: Yes.  Once the funds are dispersed by the school, the $150 will appear as a deposit into your designated PNC Checking account and available to use at your discretion.

you will also receive an email from PNC confirming that the $150 has been transferred; or you may verify through your PNC online banking page.

NOTE: PNC will not monitor how the $150 is spent.  It will be credited to the current balance you may have on your PNC Checking account as well as be used to pay for purchase transactions that come through your PNC Checking account when the transfer takes place.

Q: Will I need to complete the $150 transfer request each semester (Fall/Spring)?
A: Yes. You will need to make this request each semester via www.bw.edu/resources/id.

Q: What happens if I do not request the $150 from my Jacket Express Board Plan?
A: Your funds will remain in your account and follow the normal Jacket Express Board Plan process.

Q: If I request the $150, can I change my mind?
A: No, Once you make your request and submit, at the beginning of each semester, it is automatically processed to debit your Jacket Express Board Plan.

Q: How do I apply for a PNC Checking account if I do not have one?
A: You can apply for a PNC Bank account by visiting any of our PNC branches, online via www.pnc.com/bw, or by calling 1-888-PNC Bank.

The two closest branches to the BW campus include 343 W. Bagley Road or inside the Giant Eagle at Park St.

Or if you don’t have time to go off campus, PNC Bank will be available on campus every 2nd Wednesday of the month from 9:00-1:00 in the Strosacker Student Union for Banking Days.  Also during summer orientation days and before and during each semester opening.

Make sure you mention that you are a BW student if you open your account in your hometown to ensure you are placed in the proper student checking account.

Q: How do I obtain the new BW Stinger Visa Debit Card?
A: For any new PNC Checking account opened, it will be automatically issued for you during your account opening process.

Q: If I already have a PNC Checking account, how do I switch from my PNC Visa Debit Card to the new BW Stinger Visa Debit card?
A: To upgrade your current PNC Visa Debit Card to the new BW Stinger Visa Debit Card, you can stop into any PNC Branch and they can place the request.  There is no fee to upgrade your card and it will be sent to the address the bank has on file for you within 7-10 business days.

Q: Who is eligible to receive the BW Stinger card?
A: Anyone who has opened a PNC Bank account and affiliates themselves with Baldwin Wallace is eligible to receive the new BW Stinger Visa Debit Card.  This includes: BW Student, BW Employee, BW Alumni, BW Emeritus, BW Parents, or Community; a Yellow Jacket For Life (YJ4L).

Q: Is there a PNC ATM on campus?
A: Yes, PNC has an ATM located in the Strosacker Student Union.  This ATM is capable of accepting deposits and cashing checks as well as your typical cash withdrawal.  Effective Fall, 2014, there will be a surcharge of $2.50 implemented.  Any non-PNC account holder who utilizes the ATM will be subject to this charge.  PNC customers will not be impacted.

Q: If I have other questions that are not listed, who can I contact?
A: You can call the local PNC Branch at (440) 826-4515 or the PNC customer service hotline at 1-800-745-7577.  Or Baldwin Wallace University ID Office at (440)-826-2410; www.bw.edu/resources/id.

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