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Sorry you missed the enrollment period for Spring 2015.  The enrollment date for Fall 2015 will begin on Wednesday September 2, 2015..

Transfer Policy 

The student must be a resident, living on campus, and must have been billed for the full Jacket Express board plan account amount for the current semester.  The student must have $150 at the time of transfer in his/her Jacket Express account.  In some instances, a student may be billed on his/her BW Student Billing account for $150 if the Jacket Express account has an insufficient amount to transfer.

Requests to Transfer $150 Enrollment Period for Spring has ended.


BW Stinger Card

Transfer $150 from your Jacket Express account to your PNC BW Stinger Card to use for off campus purchases at your desired locations.

Note: anyone (students, BW staff, Alumni, community) can obtain the "BW Stinger" debit/visa card by contacting the PNC bank located on Bagley Road in Berea, Ohio for details.

As far as transferring $150 from your Jacket Express account to your PNC Checking account: only resident students living on campus who have been billed the full Jacket Express board plan account amount for the current semester (Fall or Spring) may request to transfer $150 from their Jacket Express account to their active PNC checking account during the enrollment period posted.  Students will need to make the request to transfer $150 from your Jacket Express account to your PNC checking account Fall semester and again for Spring semester.

Prior to making the request for the $150 transfer, a student must have an "active" PNC checking account and the BW Stinger debit/visa card.  (Note: a PNC checking account must have activity monthly in order to remain active.)  PNC bank is located on Bagley Road in Berea, Ohio; or will have a table on Campus at Strosacker Hall/Student Union, during summer orientations and again prior and during the semester opening; or you can go online at www.pnc.com/bw. 

Beginning Wednesday September  2, through Wednesday September 23, 2015 by 3:00pm, a student may complete the request form to transfer the $150 by clicking on the link that will be made active by September 2, 2015 and found below the BW Stinger card image located to the right of this screen.

Follow the instructions on the form, complete the necessary fields that reference you, and submit your request.  If all required steps are completed successfully, the information will be collected by PNC who will verify that you have an active PNC Checking account; a BW Stinger card (or virtual wallet during the interim); are a BW Resident student; and you were billed the full Jacket Express board plan.  Only one $150 transfer is allowed per semester.

PNC will then transmit a file to BW on Tuesdays with a list of students who successfully submitted their request and were approved, during the enrollment period (last and final file will be on Tuesday 10/6/15.  PNC will also send student's on the file an email confirmation.  BW will use the file to reduce $150 from the student's Jacket Express account (students can check their Jacket Express account transactions through their BW portal page); posted on the student's BW Student Billing account; process payment to PNC.  Depending on which Tuesday file a student is listed on, the student should have the funds transferred from PNC to their PNC checking account the following Friday by 5:00 p.m.  The student may check their PNC checking account online for the $150 transfer.   If you believe you completed all the steps successfully and did not receive the $150 transferred to your PNC Checking account, contact the BW ID Office immediately. Your inquiry and name will be emailed to PNC for assistance.  Once the enrollment period ends, requests and submits that were not completed on time or successfully cannot be accepted or processed. This also applies to those not listed on the last transfer file.

Baldwin Wallace University and PNC Bank have partnered to bring you a unique and positive experience with this program offer.  Any questions or concerns regarding any aspect of the program may be directed to PNC or the BW ID Office.  We welcome your comments and feed back about this program and wish you our best! 

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