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Student Jacket Express Account

The BW Jacket Express (declining) or Board Plan Account... 
is an account accessed with your BW I.D. Card. Once your account is activated, your card becomes a purchasing card for your spending on campus. The amount applied to your account is immediately accessible in most cases, and will be billed to your BW Student Billing Account.

Resident and BW Apartment students receive a Jacket Express Board Plan account automatically at the beginning of each semester.   Eligible students may request to have $150 transferred from their Jacket Express board plan to an active PNC checking account during the posted enrollment period, to use wherever Visa is accepted.  A student must have an active PNC checking account and the BW Stinger card prior to requesting the $150 during the fall and again during the spring enrollment period.  If the student does not have the $150 to cover the transfer, the student's BW Student Billing Account will be charged the $150.

All students registered may open or apply additional amounts at any time (upon approval) to their Jacket Express account by contacting the I.D. Office; or simply complete an Application form and email, mail, fax or return to the I.D. Office for processing. 

All students may obtain a BW Stinger debit/visa card by contacting the PNC bank located on Bagley Road in Berea, Ohio for details.

Resident and BW Apartment student's Jacket Express Board plan account remaining balance is credited at the end of Fall semester to the student's BW Student Billing Account.

Commuter student's Jacket Express account balance is carried over from Fall semester to Spring semester.   A $10 processing charge may be applied for any requests to reduce or close a Jacket Express account prior to the normal closing period at the end of spring and summer semesters.  

All accounts (Resident, BW Apartment, Commuter) are closed and any remaining balance is credited to the student's BW Student Billing Account at the end of Spring semester, or when the student withdraws from the University.

Account and transaction information can be obtained between August 1-July 31 of the current year; by request at the ID Office; or a balance is displayed on most card swipe devices after a transaction occurs on the card; or through the student's BW portal page.

Cash cannot be withdrawn from a Jacket Express account.   

Summer Semester
Students registered for the summer or fall, or living/working on campus for the summer may apply for a Summer Jacket Express account.  The account will be closed around the end of July and any balance remaining will be credited to the student's BW Student Billing Account.

Commuter students may open an account for Fall semester once registered for the fall and after Summer accounts have been closed.

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