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Hepatitis B Vaccination

Hepatitis B is a potentially fatal infection of the liver caused by the hepatitis B virus. Every year up to 200,000 people in the U.S. are infected with hepatitis B. Each year there are about 5,000 hepatitis B related deaths. The virus is passed either directly from an individual infected with hepatitis B by contact with his or her bodily fluids, or indirectly by contact with dried blood or fluids on clothing or other surfaces. College students are among those at highest risk for hepatitis B infection.

The American College Health Association (ACHA) recommends that all college students be vaccinated against hepatitis B. Engerix B is a noninfectious viral vaccine given in three doses over a six month period. Minor side effects such as soreness at the injection site, fever or headache are possible. Completion of the three injection series should provide life-time protection.

Baldwin Wallace University Health Services provides access to the hepatitis B vaccination to students. We encourage all students to be immunized. The vaccine is offered through the Health Center and the cost can be applied to the tuition bill, jacket express account or be paid by cash or check.

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