Grant Writing and Management


BW Guidelines for Submitting Proposals

highjump.jpgOur goal is to "raise the bar" through increased external funding that will enable the University to meet its strategic goals.  These guidelines were developed in order to direct faculty and staff toward that goal, yet with enough flexibility to allow us to be responsive to the many funding opportunities that exist.  We encourage your suggestions and aim to be helpful and collaborative as you move the University's strategic plan forward.

Getting Started

  • Planning is the key to attracting financial support!  The most commonly cited reason for not writing a grant proposal is a lack of time.  A competitive grant proposal can take several months to plan, develop and submit to a potential funding source.  The key to securing funding is to start planning NOW.  The most successful proposals are those that have been carefully planned and written.  This guide will provide you with the information you need to plan effectively.  If you need the money NOW, it's too late!
  • Contact Annie Heidersbach in the Corporate & Foundation Relations office (x 3530)  to discuss the project.  We will discuss the process, ask you to identify goals and objectives, and inquire about department and divisional support for the idea.  Depending on the nature of your grant, faculty members may be referred to Linda Mihalik (x 5946) for assistance and advice. 
  • Provide a descriptive project name, linkage to the Strategic Plan, brief summary, including goal and objectives, timeline, and initial information about a projected budget.  Please include an outline of an evaluation plan and if appropriate, information about sustainability beyond the grant period. 
  • The next step is to identify a funding source (if this has not be done already) and prepare a proposal. The Academic Dean's and the CFR offices have several resources available to identify potential funders.  We will research possibilities, and invite you to review the directory and database resources as well.


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