Disability Services


Responsibilities of People with Disabilities Using Service Animals

BW is not responsible for the care or supervision of service animals and emotional support animals (ESA's).  People with disabilities are responsible for the cost, care and supervision of ESA's and service animals including:

  1. Compliance with any laws pertaining to animal licensing, vaccination and owner identification;
  2. Keeping the animal under control and taking effective action when it is out of control; and
  3. Feeding and walking the animal and disposing of its waste. 

For specific campus areas designated by BW for toileting of animals, please contact the Office of Residence Life.  Waste disposal via University plumbing is prohibited in University Housing.  Residence Life can provide guidance on where to properly dispose of animal waste.  

BW will not require surcharges or fees for service animals.  However, a person with a disability may be charged for damage caused by an ESA or service animal to the same extend that BW would normally charge a person for property damage they cause. 

People with disabilities who are accompanied by service animals and ESA's must comply with the same University rules regarding noise, safety, disruption and cleanliness as people without disabilities.  

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