Academic Affairs


Ovations Faculty Awards 2014

Gigax Faculty Scholarship Award

Dr. Jill Stephens Fleisher and Dr. Andrew Merolla

Exemplary Teacher Award

Dr. Randy Molmen 


Bechberger Award for Human Development

Dr.  Sharon Kubasak


Strosacker Award for Excellence in  Teaching

Dr. Xudong Chen

2014 Alpha Sigma Lambda
Faculty Excellence Awards

Congratulations to Sandra Harris and Jacqueline Jordan who were awarded the 2014 Alpha Sigma Lambda Faculty Excellence Awards on April 12 at Celebration 2014, a recognition reception for Adult and Continuing Education students.

Academic Life and Scholarship

Baldwin Wallace faculty and students are engaged in a rich academic life that includes independent and original research, writing, musical and theatrical performance, participation in nation-wide academic organizations, and more.  The accomplishments of our professors and students often receive national praise.  

The following faculty members will take advantage of sabbatical leaves during the 2013-14 academic year to pursue academic interests that will enhance their teaching. 

Dr. Natalie Barratt (Biology & Geology)  

Dr. David Calvis (Math & Computer Science)   

Dr. Xudong Chen (Economics)  

Dr. Connie Evans (History)   

Dr. Jill Stephens Fleisher (Sociology)  

Dr. Lisa Green (Psychology)  

Dr. Peter Hoejke (Physics) 

Dr. Steve Hollender (Foreign Language and Literature )  

Dr. Sharon Kubasak (English)

Dr. Mark Mattern (Political Science)

Dr. Ed Meyer (Physics)

Dr. Javier Morales-Ortiz (Political Science)
Dr. Lori Radulovich (Business)
Dr. Thomas Sutton (Political Science)
Dr. Charlotte Yetman (Theatre & Dance)


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