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Summer Scholars Program Student Application

Please complete the following form, attach your application outline and agree to the Summer Scholars Program participation policy.   There is a separate form for your faculty mentor to complete.

 IF YOU RECEIVE AN ERROR MESSAGE SUBMITTING THE FORM,  please submit form information in an email with proposal attached and send to urcs@bw.edu


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Summer Scholars Program Participation Policy
•Student applicants may receive only one SSP award during their time at Baldwin Wallace University, and the grant must be used in the summer for which it was awarded. There are no deferments.
•Student participants will live on campus during the ten (10) weeks of the program. Under special circumstances, students may be permitted to live off campus during this experience - but must petition to do so as part of the application.
•Student participants must agree to full-time participation (a minimum of forty (40) hours per week) and forego any other courses, employment, and non-SSP related travel.
•All participants will meet regularly and participate fully in a weekly lunch session during the ten (10) week program. The day and time for the weekly lunch session will be announced.
•Students will be expected to present the results of their scholarly work on two occasions. The first presentation occurs during the first few weeks of the fall semester. The date will be announced. Students enrolled at BW during the spring semester will make their second presentation during OVATION, the campus-wide celebration of scholarly and creative work. (In early summer during the program, the faculty mentor and student-researcher should agree on the purpose and format of the product/presentation).
I agree to the Summer Scholars Program Participation Policy and requirements described above:
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