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Summer Scholars Program
Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Studies
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Summer Scholars Program Faculty Recommendation

Please complete the following form, attach your letter of support  and agree to the Summer Scholars Program faculty mentor responsibilities.  There is a separate form for your student to complete.

IF YOU RECEIVE AN ERROR MESSAGE SUBMITTING THE FORM, please submit form information in an email with your letter of support attached and send to urcs@bw.edu.


* Required information
Faculty Mentor : *
Faculty Department: *
Student name: *
Title of Proposal: *
Please attach your letter of support. Include in your comments your candid and confidential assessment of the student's ability to succesfully complete the proposed research or other scholarly work within the ten (10) week time frame allotted for the Summer Scholars Program.
Attach your letter of support: *
Summer Scholars Program Faculty Mentor Responsibilities:
• Collaborate with the student in developing and editing the application for participation in the SSP.
• Serve as the mentor and supervisor of the student-researcher and be available on campus for at least 75% of the time the student is executing the project.
• Agree upon the specific working hours of both the faculty mentor and student-researcher within the ten (10) week time period of the SSP.
• Ensure that all required regulatory committee approvals (human subject, vertebrate animals, recombinant DNA, etc.) are met before the project begins.
I have read the above Summer Scholars Program faculty mentor responsibilities:    
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