Undergraduate Research and Creative Studies


I'm not a scientist or an engineer...can I still get involved?

YES!   Research goes beyond the lab!  It takes on many forms depending on the major. In the past, students have done projects in the humanities, the conservatory, and the arts. Take a look at our various programs or call the URCS office for more information.

What is Undergraduate Research ?

Students collaborate with faculty on actual research projects, learning about both a particular topic in a field and the research process in general.

Why do research?

Students develop core skills in critical thinking, writing, oral communication, quantitative methods & teamwork while building a professional connection & rapport with their mentor. What results is more than the production of research papers, books, art or web sites - it is an opportunity to work alongside a professional, a chance for accelerated personal growth and an opportunity not often found prior to graduate school.

What will I learn?

You will learn how to approach unstructured problems and  how to make sense of and evaluate massive amounts of information. You will learn how to apply what you are learning the classroom to real-world questions. These are all valuable qualities and are what future employers look for.

How do I get started?

Visit How do I get started? on the URCS website or contact the URCS office to discuss how you could find a faculty mentor. 


Click here to request to have a URCS Ambassador give a brief presentation to your class of what undergraduate research is and ways to get involved at BW!




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