Undergraduate Research and Creative Studies


What are the benefits of being a URCS Ambassador?

  • Network opportunities
  • Connect with faculty and peers
  • Builds your resume or curriculum vitae 
  • Attend a variety of events
  • Build communication and public speaking skills

 The URCS Ambassadors are willing to talk to classes about the benefits of undergraduate research, ways for students to get involved on and off campus, and funding opportunities for research that BW provides.


Faculty: if you would like to set up a time for an Ambassador to present to your class, click here!

BW URCS Ambassadors Program

The URCS Ambassadors Program was created to help promote undergraduate research. The URCS office has several programs that support undergraduate research, such as the FSC Courses, Presentation Awards, and the Summer Scholars Program. The role of the URCS Ambassador is to educate BW students of the importance of undergraduate research and to help publicize the URCS programs. The Ambassadors also serve as a liaison between the URCS office, academic departments and students. 

Meet the Current BW URCS Ambassadors:

  • Kara Gawelek, president (kgawelek10@mail.bw.edu)
  • James Dobscha
  • Marika JoBeth Roll
  • Rebecca Shisler
  • Matthew Gesicki
  • Sean Hussey
  • Charlie Hayes
  • Mitch Kuntz

Have you completed research on campus and Interested in becoming a URCS Ambassador?  Complete the form below, and the URCS office will contact you with a meeting schedule and you can find out what we are all about!


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